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We help Businesses mind their Business and be productive by providing the augmented workforce needed to accomplish repetitive and mundane tasks which would otherwise lead to wasteful expenditure of energy, time, resources, money and ofcourse, peace of mind


We want to establish Remotual as a premier agency which provides not just a distributed and decentralized workforce but also an allied technology platform to execute repetitive tasks seamlessly and effortlessly, with little or no human intervention

Value Proposition

Incomparable professionalism, unparalleled Integrity, well defined processes, cutting edge Technology, ethical Business practices, rigorous checks and balances, stringent adherence to regulations, precision, attention to detail and mutual respect for time

Who We Are?

As a longstanding member of the Virtual Assistant Industry, Remotual’s reputation is built on quality and stringent talent-matching process. Our primary goal has been to ensure that the proliferation of technology enables companies to hire the best matched talent from across the globe tailored to their individual needs.

We envision the creation of a platform that could affordably delegate tasks which could end up draining all of your time.It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that Remote work enables companies to attract top talent, no matter where they live. Flexible and remote work policies allow workers to get things done in a way that’s more productive.
Remote work policies help companies retain employees, no matter how their lives evolve.

Passionate, Dedicated & Outstanding

Our Team

Dilip Malave

CEO and Founder, Remotual

Dilip has vast experience in the field of Virtual Assistants & Data Analytics

Dilip Malave
Vinay Venkatesh

Partner, Remotual

Vinay has won several accolades for his remarkable work on Virtual Assistants

Vinay Venkatesh
Srinivas Rayappa


Srinivas is an Entrepreneur with immense passion for Technology and Innovation

Srinivas Rayappa
Denis Oakley

Denis Oakley

How it Works?

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1. Business Support

Ph: 657-222-0230  |  contact@remotual.com

2. Sales Support

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3. Customer Support

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Define Your Needs

Understanding what the project will eventually deliver is critical for its success. Through requirements, the project management can determine the end deliveries of the project and how the end deliveries should address client’s specific requirements.

We firmly believe that we should “Get the end-users involved from the start. Get their support for what you do.”

At the initial levels, defining the scope and getting customer’s agreement is crucial. This helps us to successfully focus on scope of features.

We try to ensure that the requirements are realistic, specific and measurable.

Hire a Custom Team & Delegate

Based on the scope of the project, we make a detailed assessment of the kind of skillsets that are required to successfully accomplish the project.

Based on this assessment we match the skills required with the talent pool available to us at the given point of time.

We handpick the best team suited to execute your project. We introduce the Team to the client and allow the client to do a preliminary assessment of the team.

Once the client is satisfied we delegate the work to the shortlisted team.

Cost Estimation

We follow a four-tier approach to calculate the Costs

1. Planning Project Budget
As with any project, based on our initial assessment of the work involved, skills required and the experience level of the team, we make a preliminary Budget estimate

2. Keeping a Track of Costs
Ideally a time based Budget suits best to most of our clients. This will help us keep track of the Budget of the project in each of its phases

3. Effective Time Management
In order to ensure that the project costs do not escalate because of failure to meet deadlines, we employ a very effective Project Management system with Time Tracking

4. Ease of Earned Value
In order to identify the quantum of work that has been carried out, we often use the accounting technique commonly known as “Earned Value”

Execution & Control

1) Performing the activities needed to meet the project objectives

2) Managing the project team and manage other resources

3) Collecting and analyze performance data

4) Generating project data for status reports and forecasts

5) Managing risks

6) Conducting change control and implementing approved changes

7) Establishing and managing project communication channels

8) Collecting and documenting lessons learned

Assess our work and Rate Us

Following completion of the project, the client may examine the immediate outcomes or long-term impact or summarize the overall performance of the team, including, for example, the team’s efficiency and sustainability.

A dissemination plan is drawn out to ensure that the dissemination and reporting of results to all appropriate audiences is accomplished in a comprehensive and systematic manner.

This evaluation report is used by Remotual to be able to do internal assessment and audit of the Team as a whole or as individuals.

Plethora of Benefits

Working remotely saves companies money

Having fewer employees in the office also reduces costs for a business. How? Imagine a traditional office space. Do you see a thriving, energetic work center, or are you imagining some of the desks sitting empty, waiting to be filled with next year’s hires? That ghost town effect is real—and could be costing your company thousands in wasted spending. With fewer people in the office, companies can condense their real estate footprint, allowing for more efficient workspace usage. That same Stanford study of remote workers allowed the participating company to save nearly $2,000 per employee on its office space rent, simply by using the space more efficiently.

According to an estimate in Forbes, in 2018, 50 percent of the U.S. workforce was projected to be remote; across the pond, Europe’s remote workers have grown from 7.7 percent to 9.8 percent in the past decade

Judicious Utilization of Time

Data shows that when employees are able to skip the extra coffee breaks, a long commute, and any other distractions to focus on their work, productivity reigns supreme. For example, in Stanford University’s two-year remote work productivity study, the researchers followed 500 employees after dividing them into “remote” and “traditional” working groups. The remote working group results not only showed a work productivity boost equal to a full day’s work, but also fewer sick days and a 50 percent decrease in employee attrition.

With no commute, no lunch rush, and no long hours in the office away from family or friends, working remotely can improve the health and wellness of employees by reducing stress—and limiting exposure to potentially sick coworkers. But employers shouldn’t skip a wellness plan in the remote workplace; inclusion in company wellness programs, such as access to the gym, is just as important for those with a flexible work schedule.

Round the clock availability

Different Tasks need to be performed at different times. Companies having clients in different Time Zones necessitates round-the-clock-availability of their staff. owing to stringent regulations and guidelines, it may be a herculean task to establish physical offices across the globe to cater to the needs of clients in different geographic locations.

Also, strict office hours and the need to pay overtime for employees working beyond office hours could be a limiting factor to execute pertinent tasks on time. Remotual however has a solution to overcome these daunting challenges. Since our team is spread across the globe, you can remain assured that we would be in most cases be able to find a resource to meet your needs at any given point of time thus ensuring timely and speedy execution of your tasks.

Regulations & Policies

Regulations may change based on geographical boundaries and we have systems/guidelines in place to adhere to these regulations so that you don’t have to worry about it

Well Established structured Daily Check-ins

Provide several different communication technology options

Establish Rules of engagement

Provide opportunities for remote social interactions

Offer encouragement and emotional support


Over time, Remotual has developed a talented and diverse resource pool with expertise in a multitude of industry verticals. Using our advanced forecasting tools we keep updating our Database with the most talented and resourceful people across the globe. We following the industry standards in recruitment and follow the 5 steps outlined below

1. Recruitment Planning

2. Strategy Development

3. Searching

4. Screening

5. Evaluation and Control.

Customized Training

All our team members undergo rigorous Training Programs

Skills Management

Time Management

Client Interactions

Project Management

Software & Tools

Well Being and Productivity

Stress Management

Return on Investment

Especially given the current pandemic, organizations are realizing the return on investment of remote work and the many benefits of having systems in place to support the accounts payable team working remotely.

In an increasingly mobile-first world, it’s not surprising that many companies are moving toward a remote workforce. The current global COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses to protect their employees by putting systems and processes in place that support remote working. The advantages of modern technology can provide the same level of communication and access for remote workers as the traditional, in-office employees.

Saves Cost
Saves Time
Increases Productivity
Employee Retention
Reduced Real Estate Cost
Reduced Maintenance Costs

Well-Being of Administrators and Employees

So maintaining a healthy work-life balance is top of mind for so many employees. The ability to balance these two worlds has become the key to feeling happier and more productive while at work. Saving time that would otherwise be spent on a long commute allows employees to have better work-life balance and adds hours back into their days.

It’s clear that the advantages of remote work help keep employees happy, engaged, and fulfilled. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, “The optimal engagement boost occurs when employees spend [around] three to four days working off-site.” Need to take a trip across the country to visit family? Or be home in the afternoon to attend a child’s soccer game? A traditional employee would need to request time off in order to do so. But a remote employee can still clock in from home or a regional headquarters at their destination, as well as check in, as needed.

Working hours
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