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Data Conversion – Publishing

1M+ XML Converted Documents Delivered in <90 Days

About the Client – Norwegian Publisher

The client is Norway’s foremost online university bookstore, featuring a publish open access portal that allows authors to publish their writing and gain visibility. As a leading book, magazine, and journal publisher, the client develops and publishes quality academic literature by authors who are the top in their eld. The client’s brand has become synonymous with reputable educational materials and academic content, and they feature an extensive catalog of publications.

XML Conversion Requirements for This Project

The client needed more versatility and cross-platform publication capabilities for all of their publications and academic content. They wanted to work with a data entry outsourcing company who could produce high quality, accurate, and customized XML conversion services from a variety of formats.

The client learned of Remotual‘s reputation as a top data entry provider in India, and after contacting our customer support team, they decided to partner with us due to the following:

Challenges Tackled by Our Data Entry Team

When our team agreed to take on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to the high volume of data needing capturing and the tight period we had to work in. Because of the academic nature of the data, our work also required a high accuracy level.

To contend with these challenges, we assigned our best resources to the project and divided the mass amounts of data lines into weekly targets. We also double checked each excel sheet for any errors before sending our weekly completed lists back to the client.

Ability to successfully manage the client’s high-volume requests and ensure that the XML files contained functional data that could be used with the client’s preferred operating systems.

Capabilities that include advanced API’s to facilitate the file processing and conversion into XML format. Ability to add unique advantageous solutions such as customized XML syntax or tagging as needed.

Challenges that Our Data Entry Team Overcame

The Remotual team dealt with a couple of specific challenges while working on this high-volume XML conversion project:

The client needed 100,000 pages of content converted in 3 months or under, which was a very challenging deadline considering that this volume of conversion typically requires at least six months to complete.

The DTD (document time definition) given by the client required Remotual’s data entry technicians to adjust their conversion methodology.

Project Steps for Converting 100K Pages into XML Format

To manage 100,000 pages of XML conversion in under three months, Remotual developed a series of customized steps for this project:

The client requested a trial project of 10 pages to be converted by Remotual in less than a day to determine if Remotual could meet their accuracy rate requirements and timeframes.

Upon successfully completing the trial project, Remotual launched into the full-time contract, assigning 30 dedicated resources to work on the task and deliver 8,000 pages per week.

The client transferred Word and PDF files via FTP, and Remotual began the conversion process using sophisticated API’s to begin processing.

Remotual then ensured that the markup was correct and that the beginning and ending characters within the XML coding system were accurately classified.

The tagging and attribute correction process began, followed by customized XML formatting to ensure that the XML syntax met the client’s requirements.

The nal elements of the conversion process were completed using the client’s customized tools. 8,000 XML documents were delivered to the client each week over the next three months.

Additional Value-add Visualizing the Client’s Needs

For further value, Remotual created customized sets of information from amongst thousands of similar data within the client’s document to help them have easier access to the exact information they needed.

99.9% Accuracy in Excel Conversion and a Happy Client

Remotual completed this very demanding XML conversion project on time, and the following project takeaways occurred:

Remotual was able to produce output at a 99.9% accuracy rate, which exceeded the client’s expectations and ensured that there was no loss of information during the conversion.

The client wanted to work with Remotual on another high-volume project involving ePub conversion to help them further upgrade their academic formats.

The client recommended Remotual to an esteemed university library, and Remotual is currently handling the conversion for that client, as well.

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