Data Processing – Sports/Event Photography

Client – Form Processing

The client is a sports, school and event photography company based out in Atlanta, GA. It has been around for 29 years serving the local communities nationwide, photographing close to 2 million children every year.

The Situation – Business Need

The client’s two member team was responsible for handling forms and updating a database that held customer information. They experienced difficulties due to massive influx of forms overstraining the processing resources.

The Challenge

The business situation put forth many challenges, some of which were:

Working on hand-written forms added to the complexity of the job Ensuring the accuracy of the processed formsProviding adequate training to staff to ensure efficient handling of forms

The Remotual Solution

Remotual has proven expertise and experience in handling form processing and filling. An analysis of the client requirement provided the necessary steps to guarantee required outcomes. A specialized team was entrusted with the job of handling the project. They worked as an extended team of the client, assisting with the form processing.

The salient features of our solution included:

Entrusting a strong team with skills and in-depth knowledge in form filling and working with hand-written forms

Imparting training to the staff and enable them to function efficiently and in tune with the client’s needs. Training covered every aspect of the project and included working on sample forms

Ensuring that client feedbacks based on the sample forms were paid heed and incorporated on a priority Designing a QC mechanism to ensure accuracy of the data that was being updated in the database Taking necessary precautions to ensure security to client data


The solution provided by the Remotual solution led to some very positive results.

Increase in productivity- from 500 forms a week to 200 forms a week in matter of two months

The client witnessed improvement in quality in a short span. Our team has been able to bring down the correction rates to less than 3% from 40% in the beginning

The client could meet its cost objectives, as our solution kept the costs down while improving productivity and quality levels The database is updated every 24 hours, as a result of greater efficiency.

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